Economic Growth & Environmental Constraints

Investing in a Sustainable Future

Cambridge April 26, 2014

Saturday, 5am – 1pm

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About the Conference

The goal of this conference is to stimulate thinking and discussion about the relationship between economic activity and environmental impacts.

A particular focus will be on investment: Can socially motivated investments lead to changes in the overall quality and direction of economic activity? How can investments help reduce resource extraction and consumption, promoting a sustainable future?

Guest Speakers

The guest speakers are thought leaders from government, academia, and the non-profit and for-profit sectors. More about the speakers…

Topics to be Discussed

Breakout Sessions


  1. 9:00am Registration and coffee
  2. 9:30am Opening Remarks
  3. 9:45am Investment Too is Spending: No Escaping the Trophics of Money Brian Czech
  4. 10:30am Responsible Investing: Pragmatic Strategies to Decrease the Environmental Impact of Large Companies Sonia Kowal
  5. 11:15am Break
  6. 11:30am Breakout Sessions
  7. 12:30pm Lunch
  8. 1:45pm Sustainability Policy: Beyond Economic Drivers John Gowdy
  9. 2:30pm Owning Our Future: The Emerging Ownership Revolution Marjorie Kelly
  10. 3:15pm Break
  11. 3:30pm Panel Discussion, Moderated By: James Gifford
  12. 4:45pm Closing remarks

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Venue: Stata Center at MIT, Room 32-123